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2010-12-12 12:03 pm

We interrupt our regularly scheduling srs bzness to bring you this important announcement...

There is a snowpocalypse in Minneapolis...

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Yesterday was the first day that I needed to wrap a shawl around myself in the evening, in fact, and right now I plan to go outside and bask in warm, heat-containing sunlight.

(Minneapolis, there are people I love and places I like that I have left behind in you, but seriously? I DON'T EVER NEED YOUR WINTER AGAIN.)

I am so happy that being home means that I can scroll past all the 'happy holidays' and 'yay winter' and snow-related icons without being bitter.

So, talk to me, Sydney and Singapore and São Paulo and Nairobi and Dubai about how very much you are NOT feeling too cold. (And not anticipating your big holiday season either!)